Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Here’s today’s playlist.

Today’s Seven O’Clock Special featured three songs from the album, I Killed the Monster: 21 Artists Performing the Songs of Daniel Johnston.

Things were a little off kilter today, but we brought it all home at the end with some ABBA.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bury My Heart in the 1970s

Today was the “I’m Thankful for the '70s Tofurkeyextravaganza”—and it was fantastic! This is the music of my soul, baby. Here’s the playlist.

There’s just something about music from '67-'73 that gets me. I don’t know why. I just want to swim in it forever, in a giant sea of rock and pop favorites.

Our Seven O’Clock Special was the 18-minute delight, “Alice’s Restaurant” by Arlo Guthrie in honor of Thanksgiving.

Our words of inspiration for the day came from the Moody Blues, from the song "Candle of Life":

Something you can't hide
Says you're lonely
Hidden deep inside
Of you only
It's there for you to see
Take a look and be
Burn slowly the candle of life

Something there outside
Says we're only
In the hands of time
Falling slowly
It's there for us to know
With love that we can go
Burn slowly the candle of life

So love everybody
And make them your friend
So love everybody
And make them your friend

Monday, November 20, 2006

Preview of Thanksgiving Show

This week's show is going to feature all '70s music (well, maybe with a little bit of '60s if I can't help myself), 'cause it's the I'M THANKFUL FOR THE '70s TOFURKEYAGANZA!!!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Here's this week's playlist.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The WRVU computer died, and so we have no playlist link or archive this week. But here's a hastily created and crudely formatted (artist, song, album) playlist. The asterisked tracks are in primary rotation, in case you're interested.

Our Seven O'Clock Special (bolded) was in honor of Election Day.

Alphabet Playlist Nov. 7, 2006

Grant Lee Buffalo We've Only Just Begun If I Were a Carpenter
Silver Jews The Farmer's Hotel Tanglewood Numbers
Suzanne Vega Honeymoon Suite Nine Objects of Desire
Lambchop Butcher Boy Nixon
Pink Floyd Cymbaline Music from the Film More
*Stars of Track and Field Movies of Antarctica Centuries Before Love and War
*Rafter You'll Never Win, He Says Ten Songs
*Flying Lotus Bad Actors 1983
*Favorite Sons Down Beside Your Beauty Down Beside Your Beauty
Iggy Pop Raw Power Sister Midnight
*French Toast Take Me All the Way Ingleside Terrace
The Clash London's Burning The Essential Clash
*The Kooks She Moves in Her Own Way Inside In Inside Out
*Jolie Holland Crush in the Ghetto Springtime Can Kill You
*Bonnie Prince Billy I Called You Back The Letting Go
*The Decemberists Summersong The Crane Wife
Beastie Boys Fight for Your Right Beastie Boys
Pete Seeger Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Greatest Hits
Alice Cooper Elected Billion Dollar Babies
Sammy Kershaw Chevy Van Politics, Religion and Her

*Jeffrey and Jack Lewis They Always Knew City & Eastern Songs
The Essex Green Snakes in the Grass Cannibal Sea
Maritime Parade of Punk Rock T Shirts We, the Vehicles
Calexico Letter to Bowie Knife Garden Ruin
*My Morning Jacket One Big Holiday Okonokos
*Beck Strange Apparition The Information
*Joseph Arthur Don't Give Up on People Nuclear Daydream
The Black Angels Black Grease Passover
Matis Yahu King Without a Crown Live at Stubb's
David Bowie Fill Your Heart Hunky Dory
*The Hold Steady Same Kooks Boys and Girls in America

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Here’s last Tuesday's playlist.

Tuesday was Halloween so we heard some scary songs from some of your scariest monsters like Alice Cooper and David Bowie. And Dream Syndicate. Who knew?

Even better than what we heard were all the great Halloween song requests we didn’t hear, either because I couldn’t find them or because they had bad words in them.

The new (to the U.S.) Jeffrey and Jack Lewis CD, City & Eastern Songs, is finally in rotation at the station! I am waiting with baited breath to see whether the indierati latch onto it. Learn more about it at