Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Here’s today’s playlist.

Our Seven O’Clock Special featured the top three songs from MY childhood and adolescence that the girls at my daughter’s 15th birthday party sleepover knew by heart and performed enthusiastically this past weekend: The Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams,” “Greased Lightning” from the Grease soundtrack, and “Afternoon Delight” by Will Ferrell and Co. (a faithful adaptation of the original by Starland Vocal Band).

(Did I mention that Starland Vocal Band was the 1976 Grammy New Artist of the Year?)

(Did I mention that they wore red, white, and blue jumpsuits with fringe, if I recall correctly?)

(Did I mention that the entire song is about sex and that I used to sing it when I was 9?!)

We also heard The Rascals’ “How Can I Be Sure,” which reached #4 on the Billboard charts back in October 1967, the month and year of my birth. I like to call it the “Indian Summer of Love.”


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