Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here’s today’s playlist.

Our Seven O’Clock Special featured the new album by Jeffrey & Jack Lewis, City & Eastern Songs. It’s been out for a year in the U.K, but hits the U.S. streets today. We also heard a couple of songs from the album prior, It's the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through. Learn more at

Today we had requests for Love, Iggy Pop, X, Modern English, Belle & Sebastian, King Missile, and something with the word “odorous” in it that I have forgotten. I just couldn’t bring myself to play the requested King Missile song, “Detachable Penis,” so we heard a delightful cover of “Still the One.”

Song I played that I like a lot these days: Nick Drake, “Way to Blue”

Band I wanted to play but couldn’t find even though the new CD’s supposed to be in primary rotation: The Sleepy Jackson

Trainee Doug is catching on quickly and I hope to have him working the board in a few weeks...we want to be sure he does well on his DJ midterm!

Be sure to check out the photo directly below this post. For some reason it makes me laugh and laugh.


  • I went to "Left Can Dance" last Friday for about 15 minutes. It didn't seem to be what I expected or hoped for. Red Door East, on the other hand, shows great promise.

    I was very surprised by your choice of "Los Angeles" for my X request. It's a fine song, but it has some words in the lyrics that I don't usually hear on Alphbet. You could have played "Johnny Hit and Run Paulene", except it's about kidnapping, rape and murder. Perhaps "Your Phone's off the Hook, but You're Not" would have been your best choice from that album.

    By Blogger Grasshopper, at 11:49 PM  

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