Thursday, July 20, 2006

Show info for Thursday, July 20

Here’s today’s playlist.

I got 5,000,000,000,000 calls today. It was fantastic. Except for when I couldn’t simultaneously talk on the phone and work the equipment.

Today’s Seven O’Clock Special was a father and son set featuring Jim Croce and A.J. Croce. We heard “Roller Derby Queen” by Jim, “One and Only” by A.J., and a live version of “Lover’s Cross” by Jim. A listener called in and said he was with Jim Croce in a Philadelphia bar when the local roller derby team walked in, inspiring Jim to scratch down “Roller Derby Queen” on a napkin and subsequently write the song. That’s incredible!!

The New York Dolls have a new album out. I programmed it for the station but it didn’t make primary rotation. Here’s my little mini-review:

New York Dolls
One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This
Roadrunner Records

Yes, it’s THOSE New York Dolls (early ‘70s glam punk prototypes, a junkie “mascara massacre”), only older, cleaner, and less dress wearing. Like any aging hipsters, the music’s not the same, but there’s some interesting stuff here. Lyrics reflect the wisdom we all hope comes with age—either that or David Johansen has a really good therapist. (Instead of wearing a dress, he’s addressing his issues! Hahahahaaaa! Ahem. Okay.) Rockin’ K12 with guest Iggy Pop is my top pick. K9 features Michael Stipe but is pretty lame. K4 is a vocabulary-rich commentary on intelligent design. K7 is full of that sensitive reflection I mentioned. K1 might be the best musically speaking, but it has the F word in it. I want to spit on that F word, fall off stage, get back up, and then stomp on it with my high heels until it’s radio playable.

1. We're All in Love
2. Runnin’ Around
3. Plenty of Music
4. Dance Like a Monkey
5. Punishing World
6. Maimed Happiness
7. Fishnets & Cigarettes
8. Gotta Get Away from Tommy
9. Dancing on the Lip of a Volcano
10. I Ain’t Got Nothin’
11. Rainbow Store
12. Gimme Luv & Turn on the Light
13. Take a Good Look at My Good Looks

I'll be out of town next week, back for the Aug. 3 show.


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