Monday, April 03, 2006

Playlist for Tuesday, April 3, 2006

Here’s this week’s playlist.

Today’s Six O’Clock Special was “Valley of the Shadow of Pink Floyd,” a little three-song thingy in which I played “The Nile Song” (1969), “Astronomy Domine,” (1967), and “The Final Cut” (1983). Perry had trouble believing that I actually found “Astronomy Domine” on a Waffle House jukebox somewhere in Alabama. But it’s true. I bet after I played it they went, “Hey! What the hell is that doing on there? Let’s replace it with some Keith Urban.”

The new Flaming Lips album came out in the U.K. today. A lot of good that does us!

Today’s “Hank and Scots” featured “Lost Highway” by Hank Williams, “Dog on Wheels” by Belle and Sebastian (my new favorite B&S song, one of their oldest, I think), and “I Love You” by Silent4, a cover of the Velvet Underground/Lou Reed song.

I said on the radio that I’d put a link to something on my site but now I forgot what it was.

I am also behind in returning emails. I’m sorry. I will definitely email you back.


  • While listening to today's archive at a decent hour, I heard you playing Nick Drake. I just discovered him a couple of weeks ago and love everything I hear from him.

    In fact, I wonder if he influenced the sounds of Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson. I hear a good bit of their sound in his.

    As always, your show rocks my weeks.

    Thanks for what you play.

    By Blogger Chez Bez, at 10:31 AM  


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