Monday, April 17, 2006

Playlist for Monday, April 17, 2006

We listened to a lot of new stuff today. Here’s the playlist.

Today’s Six O’Clock Special featured two songs (“Benton Harbor Blues” and “Bitter Tea”) from the new Fiery Furnaces album, Bitter Tea. I love it. It’s my new favorite album of the year. My old favorite album of the year was The Life Pursuit by Belle and Sebastian. I still love them. But I’m totally into this new album right now.

Today people called in to ask about songs I played by Brian Glaze and Jeffrey Lewis.

Edward, who works at Vanderbilt, called because he hurt his back and needed to call into work but didn’t have the number. He wanted me to transfer him to the operator but I couldn’t figure out how, so I just looked the number up online and gave it to him. That was fun.

Perry has taken his hands-on and written DJ tests, but no word yet on the final results. I’m certain he did well and will be on your FM dial soon with his very own show.


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