Tuesday, March 07, 2006

partial woe is me

I saw the Silver Jews for about 3 minutes last night...I had a meeting I couldn't get out of, and when I finally arrived at The End, they were in the middle of their last song. I had put makeup and jewelry on, for goodness' sake! The people at my meeting were probably wondering why I looked so good...I'm resolved to eliminate meetings from my life. They are keeping me from getting at the marrow of life, i.e., rock 'n' roll...

Anyhoo, the few minutes I experienced were excellent. And I was happy to see that the place was packed full of my anonymous SJ comrades. I spent no more than 10 minutes inside and came out smelling like I'd just smoked 100 cigarettes. A nice olfactory souvenir.

Just read a good Pitchfork interview with David Berman from a few months ago:

The thing about artists is, when they are great, they make YOU want to create. It's contagious, if we let it be.


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