Thursday, December 29, 2005

I Me Mine

Here’s the playlist for last Tuesday’s show. During the show, I talked a little about the music-related gifts I received for Christmas:

The Beatles: The Biography by Bob Spitz
996 pages long! Engrossing, but wordy, and somewhat speculative and presumptuous. I think this is what they mean by “creative nonfiction.” Not held to quite the same factual standards as regular old nonfiction. Strangely, however, I was in a store the other day and had the overwhelming urge to buy a guitar so I could be in a rock n roll band.

The Beatles: Let It Be…Naked
On casual listen, I can’t tell a radical difference. It sounds a bit cleaner. Perhaps my ear is ignorant. The booklet detailing how Let It Be came to be is really interesting. There’s an extra disc featuring an audio recording of excerpts from the sessions—pretty cool.

Beta Band: Best of the Beta Band

I don’t know that much about the Beta Band, but I like their sound. I really like the song “Eclipse,” which ironically is not on the Best Of.

Radiohead: There There CD Single Import
This has two songs I never heard before, presumably from “Hail to the Thief” times—Paperbag Writer and Where Bluebirds Fly. I played these for the Seven O'Clock Special (right about halfway through the show), so if you want to listen, click on the show archive link in the upper right corner of this page.